Top 7 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you choose people to be hypnotized?  

They are chosen randomly during the show, except in the case where you would like us to choose one or two people in particular because they are a special guest or notable member.

2. Is Hypnosis safe?

YES. Hypnosis itself is 100% safe. It is completely natural and we all experience hypnosis in our lives every single day. We just don’t realize it. There is no danger of going into hypnosis and never coming out, it has never happened to anyone and never will. Hypnosis simply does not work that way. There are no side effects caused by someone going into hypnosis.

3. Does a person give up self control when in hypnosis?

This is still one of the most common misconceptions about hypnosis. Think about the last time you where completely enthralled in a movie. You became so entranced and began to get emotional but YOU still had the power to leave this trance. The same is true when guided into hypnosis by a hypnotist.

4. What is required to be hypnotized?

All that is required to be hypnotized is willingness and a minimum IQ level of 60.

5. Will the material be appropriate for my group?

All of the Leo Chase programs are designed with family entertainment in mind.

6.How does it feel to be hypnotized?

People in a hypnotized state may appear to be asleep, but the biological state of sleep is very different from hypnosis. Will your body is relaxed, your mind will be fully alert and aware of the suggestions it is receiving. All outside stimulus will become irrelevant. Your focus will be directly on the words of the suggestions you are receiving and your breathing will be light and rhythmic. You may have a distorted sense of time, and may feel like you have been in hypnosis for just a couple of minutes, even if it has been sixty to ninety minutes.

7. How does hypnosis work?

It operates through the power of suggestion, which by definition is the subconscious realization of ideas. Each day each and every one of us fluctuate between our conscious mind and sub-conscious state of mind. Driving is typically done unconsciously. Your subconscious is aware of everything that is happening but consciously your thinking about things you need to do, thinking about things you want to watch on TV later, or things you wish you would have said or done.

“Leo performed for Summit’s 7th First Night celebration (2000)…his Hypnosis performance was a tremendous success. Leo captivated the audience with a smooth and comfortable style, very appropriate for this type of performance.  Needless to say there was standing room only. We found him well organized and properly prepared for each performance. We highly recommend Leo as a professional entertainer who has the ability to captivate and motivate any audience with his charisma and charm.”
Holly S. Strelzik

Summit First Night 2000

“Reflexite would like to thank you very much for a job well done. We have received great feedback from our employee-owners with how much they enjoyed your performance. It was the highlight of the day. The whole idea of the day being “Stress Relief” you certainly got everyone relaxed and most said they have not laughed so much in a long time.You were on time, professional and your rapport with the audience was great. We would definitely consider having you again for a Team Building Event.”

Dan Clarke


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